Libraries and Resources

Beyond our classrooms, labs, and music rooms, W&L offers academic resources and spaces to support learning, no matter what you need: functional, comfortable spaces for a group project; workshops, speakers, and seminars; tutoring and advising; or books, films, and other media. Explore how these resources make a W&L education modern, engaging and personal below.


The Washington and Lee University libraries include Leyburn Library, the Telford Science Library and the Wilbur C. Hall Law Library.

Technology and Learning

All students and faculty, regardless of major or discipline, have access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in prototyping, microscopy, motion capture, and photo and video.

Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship

The Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary center intended to help students from across campus learn how to turn their creative ideas into successful business ventures. Students are immersed in a course of study that emphasizes analytical thinking, qualitative and quantitative reasoning, creativity and innovation.

"W&L has the resources available for you to make the most of your college experience while also setting you up for life after college. There are a wealth of opportunities, and it’s up to the individual how to navigate them."

Jimmie Johnson
Major: Journalism